Spring Snow Goose 2018 - 855-473-2875

Guided Spring Snow Goose – $175 per hunter – Missouri Spring Snow Goose Conservation Season – Opening February 1

Snow Goose Chasers

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 Booking  Snow Goose Hunts 


  • Pit Blind Hunts NOW available! In the bottoms less than 1 mile from Squaw Creek NWR 
  • Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts in Mound City. Missouri
  • Book and Hunt for $175 per hunter/ per day (30 mins. before sunrise) 
  • Pit Blind Hunts Available
  • Fully guided hunt in stalked cornfields with over 1500 decoys in each spread including Avery full body decoys, silo socks, flyers, E-callers
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Spring Snow Goose 2018 - 855-473-2875

Snow Goose Chasers – Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts – Come experience the storm !

NOW BOOKING – Spring Snow Goose Hunts – Missouri

Premium Package 1 – Spring Snow Goose Hunt 

 full day hunt ( 30 mins. before sunrise) 

fully guided field hunt

  • $175.00 per hunter / per day.

We provide all equipment, blinds, callers, decoys 600  Full Body Decoys (GHG, Avery, Bigfoot, ect. ) 10 -75 Silosock Flyers. Also silosocks, shell decoys and floaters if needed. We do everything you just show up and hunt.


Decoy Spreads Available

  • 600 full body decoys, 500 sillosocks, over 30 flyers -hilltop cornfield
  • 1500 Sillosocks, up 50 flyers – to go spread (go where the snow goose are at)
  • 750 shells decoys (Avery 5/8s, full size, and motion shells) 300 – 500 sillo socks- pit blind style
  • over 15 location that we can hunt in the Mound City / Squaw Creek NWR area

Exclusive Fields Available

Kwik Zone – NOW OPENING at 5:30am

  • Conservation Licenses
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Ammo

908 State St

Mound City, MO 64470

Phone: (660) 442-3600

Lodging – Mound City, Missouri


  • Hunt over large GHG fullbody snow goose decoy spreads and sillosocks
  • Goosegetter electronic callers
  • Top notch laydown ground blinds
  • Custom motion decoys, flyers, and rotary machines
  • Professional Waterfowl Guides who have been hunting snows their entire lives.
  • Average of 40+ birds a day with numerous 100+ days Guaranteed Quality Hunts At Affordable Rates

Snow Goose Hunting is what we live for at Snow Goose Chasers Guide Service!  We strive to be the best in the business at what we do and that decoy snows!!!! Current Special in Feb. $175.00 per. For more information or to book your hunt please give us a call or visit our website… Snow Goose Chasers Guide Service http://www.snowgoosechasers.com 855-473-2875